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Chemistry - Foundation Series for Class IX is designed especially for the aspirants who want an early start for IIT-JEE/ NEET(UG) program . The Package Includes several important topics of chemistry that not only contributes in the examinations like IIT / NEET but also help to lay down a strong foundation to understand the subject. Package is designed by the complete analysis of more than 15 years of paper and thoroughly covers all the aspects of subject starting from as simple as definition to matter upto as complex as Thermochemistry or Sterochemisty of Molecules. The sequencing of the chapters helps the leraner master the subject in a stepwise manner.


    The book is designed with a proper plan of instructions for each lesson to facilitate comprehensive and logical thinking. Each Chapter begins with detail explanation of topics & sub-topics including Subjective questions as well as OBJECTIVES that highlights the expectations of the Particular Chapter & serve as a lesson plan.


    • Refund of Fee is not applicable for study material purchased in any case.
    • If a student wants to enrol in Online Classes or Test Series after going through the package, student can apply by paying the additional fee as per the program.
    • You can contact us for further details regarding the Course availablilty & date of commencement of program

    • Study material will be dispatched by Post / Courier at address mentioned by the student/ parent in the payment form.
    • Dispatch of study material will be processed within 5 days of payment confirmation.
    • DAKSHAM ACADEMY shall not be held responsible for any delay by the Postal department or by courier agency.
  • How to Request Address Change for receiving Study.

    In case of change of address for receiving study material, you can either write us at or call our support department. Information Regarding your current Postal Address as well as the new address must be mentioned in the mail. Please note additional charges of Rs. 150/- shall be paid for change of address. Payment can be made online or by demand draft. Once the payment is received & confirmed; the request will be processed accordingly. We will send you confirmation of Postal Address Change Request through call or email. Change of address request is not acceptable in the time period from10 days before the date of dispatch of study material.

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