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Test Series

Our test-Series are well designed as per the latest examination pattern. Each category has a specific goal & objective to be filled and thus the questions are designed accordingly. The papers are designed by well experienced and qualified educators having years of teaching experience for that particular competitive examination. 

We believe that student's time is very precious and should be used effectively. Therefore, the test series are offered as per student's requirements.

  • Concept Assessment Test Series:  Designed for complete syllabus revision in a chapter-wise manner where each paper will be based on one topic for that particular subject.

  • Rank Creator Series:  Minor tests are designed to cover the entire syllabus in five parts. Each Major test is designed to cover the entire syllabus.

  • Walk-In Test Series: Designed to fulfill two objectives; Time management skills & final revision for the complete syllabus.  Each paper is designed based on complete syllabus. Program is schedule over a time span of 20-30 days. 

  • Master Test Series: Designed for Students who want to prepare in Crash Course or Short term batch program. Students will be provided Study Material for a quick revision and  Exams will be conducted in a time span of one month. These exams boost the confidence in the learner by providing a last month final revision. 

A complete analysis has shown that our test series has helped students understanding the exam pattern as the questions in our test series are directly or indirectly similar to the competitive exams.

Students are free to write the test any day any time as per their convenience and there is no fixed schedule* leading to missed tests or demotivating test results due to unprepared attempts.

In case students want to write offline exam they an appear for tests in offline mode. either via pdf sent by mail or can request for the hard copy. (Kindly note that hard copy will be sent by courier within 10-15 working days once the payment is confirmed).

*Master Test series & Grand Test will be conducted as per the proper schedule given to the student at the time of  purchasing the series. Kindly note that no second /alternate attempt will be offer for the same.

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